Funky bucket hats with raffled edges.

Perfect to wear anywhere (like beside the pool or at the beach) and with anything (like your favourite Bosbroek).

One size fits all!

Afrikaans was nog nooit so lekker nie!!! 

Bosbroeke Bucket Hats

  • After purchasing your Bosbroek (hurray!) we recommend washing it separately.

    After the first or second wash it can join your other washing.

    Your Bosbroek comes pre-shrunk; one less thing you have to worry about and one more reason to get yourself another!

    Step 1: Take off your Bosbroek. (We know this is scary, but you will get it back.)
    Step 2: Always wash your Bosbroek in cold water. Fabric softener is allowed.
    Step 3: No need to iron them, just hang them out to dry!

    When they are nice and dry, slip them on and feel just how soft and comfy they have gotten. Don’t take them off until you have to wash them again!